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Správa Chráněné krajinné oblasti Slavkovský les
(Administration of Slavkovský les PLA)




Hlavní 504

353 01 Mariánské Lázně

phone: +420 354 62 40 81

fax.: +420 354 62 00 81



Detached office is in Karlovy Vary:

třída Dr. Davida Bechera 18 
360 01 Karlovy Vary 

phone: +420 353 221 387

Office hours:

 Monday  7:30  - 17:00             
 Tuesday  7:30  - 16:00             
 Wednesday  7:30  - 17:00             
 Thursday  7:30  - 16:00             
 Friday  7:30  - 14:00             
 Saturday  -----  - -----             
 Sunday  -----  - -----             


How to find us:
The administration of Slavkovský Les PLA is situated in Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad), the second largest spa of the Czech Republic. The town lies near the southwest border of the PLA. You can get there either by road, by train or by air. 
The administration building is situated on the main road (in the direction of Plzeň) near to the hospital and the hotel high school dormitory.

Detail of a map showing the seat of the Administration

  Mariánské Lázně a okolí

Slavkovský Les PLA history:

It was designated by Ministry of Culture order (No. 7657/74) on the May 3rd 1974.

1948 - The first incentive towards protection of this spa landscape by RNDr. Jaroslav Gotthard submitted to the State Institute for Historical Monuments in Prague.

1955 - The first proposal for the protection of Mariánské Lázně spa area.

1969 - Czech National Council (Health and Social Committee) decided to consider the possibility of adopting an act that would provide protection of the area.

1970 - Five spa municipalities (Jáchymov, Františkovy Lázně, Karlovy Vary, Lázně Kynžvart and Mariánské Lázně) requested from the State Institute for Historical Monuments and the Nature Conservation Authority designation of Slavkovský Les PLA. 
This document is known as the "five-seal petition".

Delimitation of the area:

The PLA border mostly follows the roads. From its most southern point it goes to the north-east through the municipalities of Michalovy Hory, Boněnov, Bezvěrov, Mrázov, Teplá, Otročín, Brť, Krásné Údolí, Odolenovice, Přílezy, Český Chloumek, Javorná, then turns northwest through the municipalities of Rybničná, Pila, Kolová and Olšová Vrata. The border forms a small loop here that goes to the Doupovské Hory Mountains (Andělská Hora, Šemnice and Sedlečko municipalities). The border follows the periphery of Karlovy Vary, excluding  the spa locality. The border continues south-west along the mountain range through the municipalities of Tuhnice, Doubí, Tašovice, Loket, Dvory, Nadlesí, Třídomí, Milíře, Lobzy, Kamenice, Rudolec, Tisová, Silnice, Zlatá, Kamenný Dvůr municipalities. From here it turns south-east and back to Výškov below the heel of Slavkovský Les forest and through these municipalities: Mokřina, Těšov, Dolní Žandov, Lázně Kynžvart, Valy, Mariánské Lázně, Skláře, Dolní Kramolín and Výškov.

Slavkovský Les PLA symbol:

It is common for each PLA to have its own symbol. The motive is usually a flower, animal or landscape feature typical of the area.

The PLA Slavkovský Les symbol is dominated by Arnica montana, which is protected by law. This plant is truly the queen of the area. While it is rare in other parts of the Czech Republic, here you can see it each year flowering in almost every meadow. There are three hills on the symbol as well. The dark green colour is a symbol of the vast dark green forest land covering the PLA. The three hills represent the three highest summits: Lesný summit (983.5 metres above sea level), Lysina summit (982.,5 metres a.s.l.) and Kružný summit (863 metres a.s.l.). 
The blue colour of the sky symbolises the pure watercourses and healing mineral water spring. The bloom of Arnica is of golden-yellow colour. The stem and leaves are light green. The circle around the symbol is of red colour and the writing is black.

PLA Slavkovský Les garden:

The garden in front of the PLA Slavkovský Les administration building has been transformed into a natural exposition of important habitats of this area. Apart from the mountain meadow gramineous community, the visitor can see a rock garden imitating a preserved serpentinite rock outcrop or a raised bog with characteristic flora.


                                    The building main entrance      Serpentinite                          Mini geological exposition

                                     View of the peat bog         Serpentinite rock garden in preparation     Detail of paet bog with lake


PLA Administration Slavkovský les


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